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Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Would You Like to be Picked Up in a McLaren P1 Taxi?


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mclaren p1 taxi photo

Whether you phone a taxi service or press a button on your phone for Uber, you pretty much know what you’re getting into beforehand. The car will likely be either a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria or a Kia Soul with weird stains in the back seat.
But what would happen if you called for a taxi and all of a sudden a supercar showed up? Or better yet, a brand new hypercar complete with taxi sign? You’d probably pee your pants. Well, if you want that chance, start saving for a trip to Taiwan.

According to Wesley Cars Photography, this Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 is a real life taxi. It gives rides, and takes people around the town. This is reminiscent of the Gallardo taxi we saw a few months ago, except this is a real life hypercar with 900 horsepower and a top speed of well over 200 mph.
So I have to ask, how much do you think a taxi ride in a McLaren P1 would go for? I doubt it would be the same rate of charge as a normal Crown Vic. Our best guess — at least a couple hundred bucks depending on where you want to go. Which still seems like a heck of a deal.