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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

8 Examples of How Not To Tow a Vehicle


bad tow job photo

There are a variety of reasons that require hooking one vehicle up to another. Maybe there was an accident, the car won’t start, it’s stuck, or maybe you just need to transport it and don’t want to submit the car to highway miles. Regardless of the purpose or destination, there’s a right way and a wrong way to pull something.
This is not a step-by-step guide of how to properly tow something. Rather, it’s more an anti-tutorial. These are a few tips of how not to tow a car.

By Attaching the Tow Hook to Your Bumper

“Bro, pull it harder!
“Harder, dude, go faster!”

With Your Car Upside Down

To his point, it doesn’t look like this car was functional before this anyway. Totaled means totaled? Maybe?

Without Proper Weight Balance

This is what happens when don’t have the proper tongue weight. Whatever you’re pulling is going to be flapping harder than a pair of pantyhose in a hurricane.

With Your Car or Truck in Gear

The driver not realizing that he’s literally dragging his truck isn’t even the worst part of this clip. Once the people taking the video follow him and tell him what’s wrong, the guy doesn’t even remotely care. He’s just like, “Meh, whatever, I’m close anyway” and drives off.

Without the Parking Brake Engaged

If you have the car already hooked up to the tow vehicle, then you obviously need the parking brake off so you don’t end up with the same result as leaving the car in gear. However, if you’re flipping a vehicle over like this situation, you gotta think of all outcomes. If you’re in the hills, one of those outcomes is the car rolling right off the road.

By Standing in Front of the Damn Tow Truck

This dude is lucky he’s not a stain on the blacktop right now.

With a Cable Not Strong Enough to Tow Something

Fact: Cars are giant hunks of metal. Metal is not light. It takes a lot of force to move even a small vehicle on a flat plane, let alone a truck up a steep incline. Just because you have a winch on your truck doesn’t mean it can pull everything. Check the strength of the cable before attempting something like this. To make matters worse, there was somebody in the truck and tumbled down the hill with it. Luckily, it didn’t turn out worse.

By Letting the Car You’re Towing Tow Your Tow Truck

And you thought front-wheel drive would never come in handy.

Letting the Car in Question Escape

This is the people’s champ, right here. We don’t recommend this in any way, even if you do have a Jeep. But, we’d be lying if a little slow clap didn’t start in our heart when we saw this.
After all that ridiculousness, here’s a palette cleanser. Watch this tow truck recovery artist masterfully return this mess to order: