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Friday, May 15, 2015

Buy Your Kids an Incredible Electric ‘Supercar’ They’ll Literally Grow Out Of


kids whippin it photo

Read this list of features: seven-inch Android tablet PC smart system, variable driving modes, MP3 player and stereo speakers, polycarbonate exterior body, leather bucket seat & seat belt harness, LED headlight. Sounds legit, right? Seems like a sales sheet for a car you’d consider buying, no? Well, you can certainly buy one, but considering the Broon F830 Sport is 51 inches long and 26 inches wide, you’re not going to be the one behind the wheel.
With a blistering top speed of 5 mph, the F830 runs on completely electric power from rechargeable 12V 14Ah battery pack and a dual 12V 70W motor system. It’s about as realistic as you’re going to get for a youngin’ between ages 0-4 without actually putting your kid in a go-kart. It has four-wheel spring suspension, and the hood, doors, and trunk are all functional.


If you’re more of a protective parent and want to be in total control, the car even has the option for a 2.4Ghz bluetooth remote control. Think about that — an RC car with your kid inside. If that’s not every gearhead parent’s dream, I’m not sure what is. If you want to go a step further, the cars (which are available in red, white, and black) have interchangeable exterior parts, so you can even customize it.

And here’s possibly the most impressive part: In addition to giving full status reports on the battery system, the Android tablet can also be used for a “self-diagnosis system.” If something’s malfunctioning, just run a test, and the car will supposedly tell you exactly what’s wrong.

The total package can be yours for $898. Just for a point of reference, that Barbie Jeep alternative at Toys R Us will set you back $269.99.