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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Forget Rosso Corsa Red, This F40 Proves All Ferraris Should Be Blue


blue f40 ferrari corso sam moore photo

It’s not often the Ferrari F40 graces the streets with its presence, and it’s even more rare to see one that’s not the signature Rosso Corsa red that is synonymous with the Prancing Horse. This beauty is currently cruising around in London and photographer Sam Moores was lucky enough to take some studio shots.

Aside from the custom color, it also has a Tubi exhaust. Rightfully, it has the number plate F40 BLU, but it’s actually not the only shade of blue the legendary supercar has been spotted in. A chrome blue F40 existed at one point, as well as a dark blue model. Still, this shade is the tru blu champ.

blue ferrari f40 photo


Shmee150 also was allowed to ride shotgun in the car and filmed the experience.