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Saturday, May 9, 2015

This ’66 Plymouth is Barn Find Perfection


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The car is a baffling concept. To most, it’s the quickest way from A to B, a brief interlude between home and work, school and play, and so forth. To others however it’s a sacred object, and for whatever reason some are given an early retirement and hidden away, only to rise years later like a phoenix from ashes. 
Such is the magic of the barn find – the dusty, untouched car that’s been waiting all its life just to be, and now finally can. This 1966 Plymouth Satellite is one such barn find car, and though it doesn’t have the aura of a barn find Shelby Mustang or Ferrari… it’s still one jaw-dropping survivor, and now it’s up for sale on eBay.


In the mid-1960s, the average car buyer would do well to find themselves behind the wheel of a Plymouth Belvedere. The midsize Belvedere featured clean looks, a slew of body styles, and an equally diverse range of V8 engines. The one to have however was the range-topping ‘Satellite’, which made its debut in 1965, offered only in hardtop and convertible variants.

Where the Belvedere was an everyday car, the Satellite was truly something special. Engine options included Plymouth’s ‘Commando’ lineup in varying sizes, which is quite possibly the best name for an engine ever, followed in 1966 by a rarified 426ci ‘Street Hemi’ version, punching out 425 horsepower yet requiring a sizable price premium. The ’66 year also saw an impactful body redesign – shaper front, sculpted sides – and to this day it looks just as ‘command’-ing.


According to the listing, this particular ’66 Satellite barn find was discovered after a long slumber in storage and shows a mere 63,126 miles on the clock. The current seller refreshed the Plymouth’s 361ci V8, brakes, and wheels to get it roadworthy again but has thankfully left everything else original – dust included. A time capsule, this surely is.