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Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Cheap, Fast Cars That You Can Buy Right Now


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High performance doesn’t usually come cheap. Just look at today’s top crop of sports car elites. But in that same vein, going fast, having thrills, and feeling that unbridled driving passion doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, choose wisely and it can be downright affordable. 
Cruise below for five cheap fast cars that are up for sale online, offering modern day speed at yesteryear’s prices.

1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4


When people recall the legendary Asian turbo imports of the ‘90s, the 3000GT tends to be the odd man out, or at least last in line. But get behind the wheel of one and you’ll have a hard time figuring out why. The VR-4 version summons all-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steering, twin turbos, 300 horsepower, active aerodynamics, and electronically adjustable suspension. Yowza. A slight downside? At 3,800 pounds it’s rather heavy.
1996 Chevrolet Corvette


Without a doubt, the ZR-1 is the C4 Corvette that most collectors lust for, what with its punchy LT5 V8 and 375-405 horsepower. But in 1996, Chevrolet introduced the manual-gearbox-only LT4 V8, serving a spicy 330 hp. It was quick, fun and – during that year– the top rung of Corvette-dom. If an extra 30 horsepower doesn’t phase you, the other LT1-equipped C4s should put you down the road in a hurry as well.

2003 BMW 540i M-Sport


Can’t afford an E39 M5? Worry not. The ’03 540i M-Sport is equally cool, if but a little slower. The rarified US model toted M5-esque front and rear bumpers, stunning 18-inch wheels, six gears to row, a tougher rear differential, as well as an M-spec suspension. It might not make 395hp like its big M5 brother, but the the 290hp M-Sport does quite well on its own.

1999 Chevrolet Camaro SS


It may not have the dashing good looks of its new age counterparts, but the old F-body Camaro is far from a slouch. In 1998, GM ditched the LT1 V8 in favor of the aluminum-block LS1. Horsepower followed, a heady 305hp in the Z28 and 320hp in the hood-scooped SS. When it comes to buying a cheap fast car… you’d be hard pressed to find a better bargain.

1997 Acura Integra Type R


This one is a verifiable legend. In 1997, Acura gave the US its boy racer masterpiece – the Integra Type R. It pounced with an absolutely whizzing high-rev 1.8-liter engine, delivering 195 horsepower in a package that stripped nearly every non-essential item from the spec list. Power spun to the front-wheels via a close-ratio five-speed gearbox, applied to terra firma using a trick limited-slip differential. They don’t come up for sale quite often, but bidding on this example has remained quite low.