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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dodge Challenger Roars into Summer With New Drag Pak



In 2008, Mopar reintroduced an out-of-the-box competitive drag racing package for the Dodge Challenger – the V8 Drag Pak. In 2010, it followed that race-ready setup with a brawling V10 package. And now, Mopar is bringing the thunder back to drag strips for summer 2015. Enter the 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Paks. 

The famous performance parts wing has designed two separate factory-prepped drag racing packages for the Challenger, sporting two unique engine options – a supercharged 354ci Hemi V8 and the return of the legendary 426ci free-breathing Hemi. Both equipment packages were developed with sportsman drag racers in mind, and come loaded with race enhancements aimed at putting Dodge at the top of the leader boards.


The 354ci V8 sports a cast iron block, forged steel crankshaft, and Mopar camshaft to handle the torque-heavy supercharger, while the naturally aspirated 426 race Hemi goes with an aluminum block, steel cylinder liners, and aluminum heads. Mopar has yet to release power figures for either engine, though both will back up to race-developed automatics.
On the outside, the Challengers tout heady Mopar graphics – blue treatments and stripes for the supercharged V8, black for the 426 engine. Inside you’ll find a roll cage built to NHRA specifications, along with Mopar race gauges, lightweight racing seats, five-point harnesses and safety nets.


Underneath, the Challengers come fitted with a new cradle and suspension up front with a four-link setup in the rear, equipped with a Strange Engineering axle, nine-inch third member, anti-roll bar, and axle mountings that have been strengthened for harder and faster launches. Power meets the ground via Hoosier drag radial tires mounted to lightweight racing wheels. And no, these won’t be road legal.

The cost for out-of-the-box performance? Mopar will open orders for the packages at Dodge dealerships on July 23. $99,426 buys you the 426 Hemi, while $109,354 takes home the 354ci supercharged setup.