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Monday, June 22, 2015

This Sinister ’68 Camaro is a Lesson in Intimidation Factor


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By default, the Chevrolet Camaro has always been a bit of a challenger, no pun intended. It first debuted following the Mustang, and its role as the archetypal ‘Mustang rival’ has endured ever since. But ‘second to the game’ certainly doesn’t equate to second-rate. Not by a long shot. 
And this villainous 1968 Camaro goes a long way in explaining why. The blacked-out Camaro has been tightened, tuned and set-up to tame the asphalt in a wicked, tire-searing way. If intimidation factor were a distillable resource, this would be a leading producer. Best of all, it’s looking for new ownership online, and at a price that might surprise you.


According to the seller, this ’68 Camaro was built to be a weekend driver and underwent a full rotisserie restoration on what was said to be a fairly rust-free car. Out came the old, in went only the bare essentials. The highly spartan interior includes race gauges and switchgear mounted to an ’02 Trans Am dashboard, along with a Momo steering wheel, Recaro racing seats with rally harnesses, Sony audio system, chassis bracing, and a roll cage. But no air conditioning.
On the outside, the Camaro dons an incredible finish of semi-gloss black paint, which really pulls out the pony car’s natural lines, and fits a carbon fiber spoiler, blacked-out trim elements, and a triumphant SS badge dead center in the grille. It can back up that statement of power too. Under its skin lies a low-slung Hotchkis suspension and a hulking LS1 V8 engine, which has been pushed back as far into the chassis as possible.


The big V8 has been built-up with new camshafts, pushrods, fuel rails, injectors and more, and now backs up to a Tremec six-speed with a 12-bolt rear on the receiving end which houses 4.10 gears. On looks alone, it’s not hard to imagine the Camaro spinning up that rear rubber like a champ. Or blowing flames through the side pipes.
Anyone else get goosebumps?