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Sunday, June 28, 2015

McLaren is Preparing to Build a New Hypercar



If you were hoping to buy one of the rarified McLaren P1 hypercars – bad news. All 375 sold out long ago, and you’d need one of those in order to nab its even rarer P1 GTR brethren. Pity. However there is good news, McLaren is giving the hypercar market another shot. 
In an interview with the UK’s Auto Express, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt confirmed that the company was targeting a new hypercar to add to the marque’s ‘Ultimate Series’ and fill the performance segment between the tip-top P1 hypercar and the current McLaren 650S supercar.

As it stands, the Ultimate Series consists of the $1.15 million P1, the $3.1 million P1 GTR, and the now-confirmed next generation hypercar, which Flewitt said will have a different focus than the P1 and the magazine expects it to retail in the region of £400,000 ($630,000 at current rates). Despite an expected drop in horsepower, the new hypercar will likely sell in larger numbers than the hallowed P1.

The revelations didn’t end there either. Flewitt also confirmed the firm’s 10 year strategy will see at least half of the McLaren model range become hybrid. “I have said in 10 years I expect half our cars to be hybrids, but I actually think it will be faster,” noted Flewitt. “Will we put that on all vehicles? If I could get the cost and weight right I absolutely would.”

Part of that strategy will also see McLaren debut two new Sports Series body styles over the next two years, keeping additions on a yearly basis, with overall production forecast to hit 4,000 units per year by 2017. And McLaren certainly has the moment to do so. The automaker sold 1,649 vehicles in 2014, and earned an operating profit of £20.8 million ($32.8 million).