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Friday, June 12, 2015

This Vintage Rally Corvette is Up For Grabs



Since the Corvette was introduced back in 1953, the car has received critical acclaim the world over for its power, beauty, and ability to take on nearly any car in its path. It’s that racing pedigree with a road-car persona that makes the Corvette a legend amongst legends.
One such car that helped push the boundaries of American sports car racing was the C2 Corvette. In the Corvette’s second generation, Chevy pulled out all the stops to make an amazing sports car that could be converted to race spec. Bigger engines, better chassis developments, and a whole host of small details went into making the C2 Corvette a monster. This 1964 Corvette is a prime example of that development and passion to win races.


What you see here is a 1964 Corvette race car that was developed as a purpose built European Rally car. According to Silodrome, in the typical dirt and gravel rally car, but more in line with a Gumball type time trial rally car. Over the years, this car has raced at the Monte Carlo Challenge four times, the Rallye Des Lavandes, and twice at the Rallye de Paris.

Under the hood is a race-tuned 340-cubic-inch small block V8 and a four speed manual transmission. The underpinnings of the car have been gone through, and the suspension has been only slightly modified to give the driver more feel and better handling when taking the car to the limit. According to the owner, the car also was dyno tested and gave back a healthy 349 horsepower to the rear wheels.


While the heritage of this vintage Corvette race car can’t be calculated, its value can. Right now, you could own this wonderful piece of history for a steal. On June 26, this car will head to the auction block at Bonhams and be sold off. Right now, Bonhams is forecasting the car to bring anywhere from $65-$80,000. Will you be this amazing Corvette’s newest owner?