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Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw Needs to be Tamed



For most people, the word outlaw stirs up emotions of the Wild West and general disarray. It’s sort of a badge of honor for American heroes of past. Even today, we love to romanticize the thought, whether it be through movies, books, or cars. And perhaps no better car wears the ‘outlaw’ badge of honor than the Porsche you see in front of you.
This automotive outlaw, hot rod culture stems from the Emory Valley Custom Shop. Opened in 1948 right after the war, Emory started their little business purely as a body shop. They’d fix up cars that had been crashed, then send them on their way. That is, until 1962, when they were brought into the Porsche fold, a place where they continue to do things differently to this day.


The first of which was the Porsche 356. Their hot rod Porsches became known as Outlaws at local Concours d’Elegance events, and were shunned for a long period of time. These cars still carry the Outlaw moniker. However, the term is now one of endearment rather than a stigma.
Now, one of these original Emory Outlaws is coming up for sale at an Auctions America event in Santa Monica, California, in just a few weeks. This particular Outlaw 356 is a 1954 Porsche Pre-A 356. It has been fully gone through with new brakes, new fuel systems, and a whole mess of performance modifications making this Outlaw 356 ready to race.

To own this piece of hot rod history, though, you’ll definitely need an outlaw wallet. Right now the auction estimate is anywhere between $225,000-$275,000, but seeing as vintage Porsches are going through the roof at the moment, it could go even higher.

Via: Silodrome