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Saturday, June 20, 2015

It’s Real! This Nissan GT-R Wagon is Wild and For Sale in the USA


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Encountering a Nissan Skyline GT-R in the USA is a rarity. It’s a car that never officially sold on these shores, and one which still can’t be imported in its final two guises. With that in mind, encountering something like this is akin to finding a unicorn, a yeti and Bigfoot in your backyard… all at once. 
Lift those jaws off the floor – this is what can only be described as a Nissan GT-R wagon. It features a drivetrain and front end plucked from a hallowed R34 GT-R (’99-’02) and mates them with the chassis and body of a Skyline-based Nissan Stagea wagon.

If a GT-R in sheep’s clothing fills a hole in your life you thought unfillable, you’re not alone… and you’re also in luck. Because this GT-R wagon is currently listed for sale online, and for an awfully reasonable $36,000.


According to the seller, this Stagea GT-R amalgam was the creation and personal transport of D1 drift car builder and racer, Ross Petty. Up front, the R34 fascia shows proudly on the nose of the wagon, but it only hits to the fury that lies under its hood. Petty is said to have swapped an entire R34 GT-R drivetrain underneath this wagon, which includes the legendary ATTESA all-wheel-drive system and Nissan’s twin-turbocharged 2.6-liter engine.

In standard form that straight six summons an impactful and reportedly very underrated 280 horsepower. Petty’s car features a mildly built head, which along with a slew of additional engine and drivetrain modifications, should make this wagon every bit of a supercar hunter. Inside, the Nissan GT-R Stagea comes dressed with equally race-ready Bride seats, and outside the car has been repainted Glacier Frost Mica Pearl.


These types of conversions are said to be fairly common aftermarket swaps abroad where both cars are sold. But in the US, this could very likely be a one-of-one. Though we’d certainly love to see more.

Via: Carscoops