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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Governator Jeep Hits the Used Car Market



Arnold Schwarzenegger has played many roles in his lifetime, from professional bodybuilder and purveyor of “the pump”, to bricklaying businessman and big-screen Hollywood action hero. 
But it’s a relic from Schwarzenegger’s political career and tenure as Governor of California that recently surfaced on the used car classifieds. Yes, it’s the custom 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that Schwarzenegger once owned – an SUV that was appropriately dubbed the “Governator.”

The blacked-out Jeep was customized by California’s own West Coast Customs, and much like Schwarzenegger himself – it’s big, bold and slightly scary. Surprisingly, it’s not all too expensive.


From a purely Jeep-centric standpoint, the Governator appears to be quite the off-roader. The Arnold Schwarzenegger-owned SUV sports off-road tires, tube bumpers front and rear, tow points, and a light bar. Lift open the hood and you’ll find a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V8 attached to an Allison automatic transmission and four-wheel drive transfer case. The rig makes a claimed 550 horsepower, but it won’t stop the machines from taking over the world.

For that, you’ll have to look inside. The Governator sports a custom leather and alligator-skin interior, complete with a DVD surround sound system as well as floor mats that feature classic lines from Schwarzenegger’s movie history – “I lied, I’ll be back, hasta la vista… baby,” and of course “girly man.” As if you weren’t sure who owned the car before you, the California state seal has been engraved into the middle of the steering wheel, and it says ‘Governator’ on the rear quarter panel.


The custom Jeep went under the gavel at Mecum’s 2012 Monterey Auction, originally selling for $30,000. With 12,801 miles listed on the odometer, the Governator Wagoneer is back on the market, now listed for $55,000.