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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunoco Has a Cologne Called Burnt Rubbér. Seriously.


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Some people are so obsessed with cars and driving that they never want to leave the track. Now, thanks to Sunoco, those diehards don’t have to. Well, at least they won’t feel like they’ve ever left the track, thanks to a new scent called Burnt Rubbér (pronounced the same way you say Colbert — rubAIRE — all fancy-like). In a [catch]phrase, Sunoco claims that the smell is “the essence of racing.”
Interestingly enough, GQ got its hands on some and actually said it doesn’t smell too bad. “A little sweet, a lot burnt, one whiff and we were there at the track,” the writer said. And that’s the point, right? So it sounds like Sunoco did a pretty good job at getting the idea across.


It seems Courtney Force’s idea of what racing is all about aligns pretty well with Sunoco. But if it were up to Jimmie Johnson, the scent would have an entirely different makeup. It’s probably for the better they vetoed him on this one.


But seriously, Sunoco really went all out for this, even making a few pretty stunning-looking black and white videos. It’s like if NASCAR were the sponsor of Fashion Week.  If you’re reading all of this and thinking, “man, this sounds great, I need to get some!” We’re sorry to tell you that you can’t just go out and buy it. You have to win it. Good luck.

Via: SB Nation via GQ