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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monster Energy Trophy Truck Gets Reborn in LEGO, And It’s Amazing


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Life is full of next-best-things. For those amongst you with more table space than garage space, this stunning LEGO creation is most certainly one of them. 

Polish LEGO enthusiast Sariel has painstakingly recreated off-road racer BJ Baldwin’s famed Monster Energy trophy truck – an 800 horsepower beast that turned the city of Ensenada, Mexico into an off-road playground. Admittedly, Sariel’s LEGO Technic version is built to a much smaller scale and doesn’t come brimming with 800 ponies, but as you’ll see – it’s still quite capable and radio controlled.

In the video, Sariel hoons the LEGO trophy truck just like its full-size namesake – leaping curbs, sprinting over concrete crags – all while sopping up the punishment thanks to a highly pliable and responsive long-travel suspension. At the front, the mini truck features double wishbones, and at the back, a live rear axle.

Rather than a thumping great V8 spinning up the rear tires, the miniature version totes dual LEGO RC motors, providing impressive levels of get-up-and-go. Push the truck too hard though and it will reacquaint its roof with the dirt.

No word yet on whether there will be a LEGO sized racing series to complement the rest of the 2015 off-road season… but there ought to be.