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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This Off-Road Alfa Romeo Concept Was Designed for the Dunes


Off Road Alfa

To my knowledge, Alfa Romeo has never built an SUV designed specifically for off-roading. They’ve had a number of rally cars, sure, but one could only imagine a 4×4 wearing the Alfa badge and trekking through the dirt and mud. Until now…
This is a look at an Alfa off-roader of the future. It was created by artist John Frye stemming from a simple sketch on an envelope— he calls it “Air Alfa,” for obvious reasons. The concept mixes some cues from the Rally Fighter with a trophy truck, all coming together under a signature Alfa Romeo design language.

Off Road Alfa 2

We spoke to John to get a better idea of exactly how this amazing concept came to life:
“The illustration was done for a design challenge website called Agora-Pode. Each month, designers are challenged to illustrate a concept based on a combination of three terms selected at random. The most recent challenge is Alfa Romeo + Off-Road + I, Robot.”

“I combined the first two elements rather obviously. For the I,Robot movie design reference, I used the biomechanical muscle details from the robot’s joints as the basis for an active control suspension chassis.”

Off Road Alfa 3

It’s definitely something we could see taking on the world of I, Robot. Or more appropriately, something we’d want to be behind the wheel of.