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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The New Alfa Romeo Giulia Packs 510HP, Jaw-Dropping Italian Style



When the Fiat Group acquired Chrysler, we all prayed for some new Italian flair to head west of the pond. And all that praying paid off. We got the quirky Fiat 500 Abarth. Then, after years of being relegated to only the shores of Europe, and the movie The Graduate, Alfa Romeo made its triumphant return to the United States with its all-new 4C sports car.

But now it’s time for Alfa Romeo to roll up its sleeves, and deliver a mass-market vehicle in the new Giulia. And Alfa Romeo did not disappoint. Using a twin-turbo V6 engine tuned by Ferrari, the new focoso Quadrifoglio version of the Giulia (fiery in Italian), pumps out a hugely impressive 510 horsepower. And due to its new RWD architecture, the Giulia has a perfect 50/50 weight split between the front and the back.


It’s clear that Alfa Romeo is going after the likes of BMW’s M3, the Mercedes C63, and the Cadillac ATS-V with this car, and it has the performance numbers to do it. 0-60 mph, for instance, only takes 3.9 seconds, which is the exact same time as the M3. And according to Alfa, you’ll also get electronic dampers, active aero, torque vectoring, and a heavy use of carbon fiber to get down to a package that weighs less than 3,300 lbs.

Additionally, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available with a whole host of other engines and different drivelines, including an AWD version for those less inclined to set their pants on fire with the fiery Italian. There’s still no word on how much the new car will cost, though, or any of the iterations that will be available. But considering the Quadrifoglio version is going up against those sportscars mentioned above, it’s safe to say that it will fall within the same realm as those.