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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Watch the Koenigsegg One:1 Supercar Set a New Speed Record


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Most supercars aim to dominate in one of a few categories. Sweden’s Koenigsegg simply aims for total domination, which explains why their 1,341 horsepower One:1 ‘megacar’ is both the most powerful road car per pound and one of the world’s fastest,
And now the heady One:1 can add a new feather to its cap – the title of the world’s fastest car from zero to 300 km/h (186 mph) and back to zero. That time? A sweltering 17.95 seconds. It’s a daring run and one that knocked the firm’s own 1,140hp Agera R from its podium, which achieved a time of 21.19 seconds in 2011. Take a look at video from that sensational test session below.

The practice sessions took place at the Koenigsegg test track in Ängelholm, Sweden on June 8, with factory test driver Robert Serwanski behind the wheel. As if screaming from nought to 186 mph and back again wasn’t scary enough, Serwanski completed the run with little input on the steering wheel at all.

In fact, he finished with his hands off. He complemented his kilometer record with a similarly momentous run from zero to 200mph and back to zero, in only 20.71 seconds.

Amazingly, Koenigsegg estimates they could feasibly go faster still. The car used during the test – a One:1 development prototype – weighs about 110 pounds heavier than the road-going customer-built supercars, due to the addition of a roll cage for driver safety.
This is truly a “don’t try this at home moment” though given that only six One:1 supercars were built, getting a hold of one likely won’t be easy.