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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dream of the Possibilities with this McLaren Newport Beach Custom 650S Spider


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custom McLaren 650s photo

The McLaren 650S Spider is an incredible mechanical achievement. We drove one through the California mountains, and we’re honestly shocked it didn’t just lift off on one of the twisties and take us straight to Jupiter. Actually, the grip is way too good to let that happen. But what makes this supercar great is that it doesn’t even need to be in motion to get your heart racing.
I was recently down in Orange County and, while in the neighborhood, made the always necessary stop at the McLaren Newport Beach dealership. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed. Right as I pulled up, I noticed through the front glass, the showroom was holding something special. Currently in the Newport Beach inventory is this striking Titanium Silver 650S Spider with orange accents.

McLaren 650S Spider customer rear photo

My first question was if it’s a product of the McLaren Special Operations team. Unlike the recent black and red P1, this custom job is not. It’s just a look that Newport Beach ordered. The orange is tastefully added throughout the vehicle.
Starting with the racing stripe down the middle, the bright flair is seen heavy on the front bumper, on the mirrors, on the side scoops, on the door blades, and on the rear diffuser. The massive brake calipers have also been dipped, and there is plenty of orange piping and stitching all over the interior contrasting with the “Carbon Black” alcantara.

mclaren 650s interior photo

Simply an aesthetics package, the engine on this beauty queen remains the same. And that’s good, because the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 (650 horsepower and 0-100 in 5.8 seconds, remember) is fantastic. As is the noise that comes from its stainless steel sport exhaust.

Now that you’re sucked into the love trap, here’s the part where we remind you that money can indeed buy happiness: With 208 miles, this 650S Spider will cost you $341,825. Happy shopping.


Photo Credit: Tony Markovich for Bold Ride