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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jeep Renegade Goes on Police Duty in the UK


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Jeep Renegade Police Pursuit photo

File this under things you’ll probably never see in the US (and it’s a shame): a Jeep Renegade police package. But you will in England.
A UK Jeep dealer has partnered up with the Wilshire Police Department to create the one-off, offroad cruiser. The department gets six months to try it out. If things go well, the Renegade becomes a full fledged copper.

The British bobbies will be tooling around in a Renegade with the 1.6-liter multijet II turbodiesel (something else you wouldn’t see US police departments driving). That engine while producing only 120 horsepower does have a respectable 236 lb. ft. of torque. It’s rated at a 0-62 mph time of 10.2 seconds but it seems like this would be used more for off-road chores than chasing down speeders.

Jeep Renegade Police

Details are scarce as to how it’s going to be outfitted beyond the usual full police graphics, blue lights and sirens. Jeep UK promises lots of “clever, functional storage areas” for the Renegade.
An FCA spokesperson confirms there are no plans to bring the Renegade here in police package. Add to that the diesel engine probably not being likely any time soon, too.

But think how cool a Jeep Renegade packed with the V8 from the Dodge Charger Pursuit could be. Heck, even the V6 Pentastar would probably rock the Renegade’s world and nab more hot footers fleeing the law. For now, though, a Renegade police Jeep’s only going to nab you on the streets of Swindon, England.