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Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Electric Jaguar is Expected to Arrive by 2018


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Jaguar has taken big strides in recent years to refresh and re-energize its luxury lineup, with the most recent additions including the all-new F-Pace SUV, a BMW 3-series rivaling XE sedan, and a 200-mph “SVR” model of its lauded F-Type sports car. 
The brand’s next move however may not spawn an entirely new vehicle, but it seems it will at least produce a greener variant.

According to a new report from AutoGuide, Jaguar is planning an electric vehicle, alleged to go on sale by 2018. The outlet recently got the scoop from the British company’s design director Ian Callum while at this year’s New York auto show, who noted a “big surprise” on the horizon.

“Within two years, we’ll have something that’s not driven by a petrol engine,” said Callum. He later joked the car will have “just a couple of hamsters” powering it.


Joking aside, the addition of a full EV (or in the least a diesel-hybrid) to Jaguar’s US lineup would bode well for the British marque, especially considering US federal fuel economy standards, which will continue to accelerate in the coming years.

And as evidenced by the ongoing success of Tesla Motors with its Model S and all-new Model X, there’s surely a luxury niche for all-electric vehicles. In fact, we’ll soon see Aston Martin join the EV fray with two vehicles, followed eventually by Porsche’s production-ready Mission-E.

Previous reports peg the F-Pace to be the likely candidate for an EV variant, with Jaguar trademark filings for I-Pace and EV-Type both surfacing, but that has yet to be confirmed and may not be for some time.

There may be yet another Jaguar surprise looming in the distance too. Callum hinted to AutoGuide that another big announcement was in store for Jaguar before the close of the year, which could arrive in time for the Paris Motor Show in October. Stay tuned.