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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Latest LEGO Car Kit Will Have Enthusiasts Swooning


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Sure, you can go buy a Mustang or a Porsche or a Ferrari LEGO build kit, but what’s the track-day enthusiast to do if he or she is looking for some do-it-yourself fun? Well, LEGO just introduced the new Caterham Super Seven kit, so you might want to line up.
It was part of the LEGO ideas program, which allows anyone to create a kit and submit it for voting. If the kit gets 10,000 votes within the year, it will be officially distributed by LEGO, and said creator gets a small portion of sales. This one was created by a man named Carl Greatrix, and he jokes that it’s a kit car of a kit car.

It comes with two different variations of the iconic Caterham trackster; one with a windshield and roll cage, the other sans windshield and with more exposed bits. Obviously the color differs too, either yellow with a white stripe or British Racing green with a yellow stripe are available.

It’s one of the most fun-looking kits I’ve seen, and I’ll be one of the first in line when it goes on sale later this year.