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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Buy This Beautiful Citroen Race Car, Be the Coolest Guy at the Dirt Track


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The mention of Citroen usually conjures up images of a vehicle so stereotypically French, that it might as well be sporting a moustache, and smoking a cigarette. The classic DS and 2CV are icons in their own special ways, and currently the C4 Cactus holds the title of “Most Loved Ugly Ducking” with the automotive enthusiast crowd.
However, after you lay eyes on this race-ready 1954 Citroen Traction Avant, it’s unlikely that mention of the brand will ever make you think of anything other than the supremely badass custom build. Good thing it’s for sale (in the UK).


Built at a leisurely pace by diehard Citroen enthusiasts, the “Yacco” Traction Avant looks ready for a trip down Fury Road.
 The green, white, and yellow paint scheme is period perfect, and makes the car looks as if it drove right out of an old racing poster.
The black steel wheels, and incredibly aggressive tires (tyres?) dial up the downhome dirt track racin’ vibe, and you have to think this rig would indeed be formidable competition.
Up front are big shiny chrome headlights with yellow bulbs, and a hockey mask grille that give the car more personality than all the contestants on The Bachelor combined. Think you’ll find regular ol racing buckets inside? Heck, no, only seats out of an Alouette II helicopter would suffice here.


This car is crawling with all kinds of detail work, and only through an extended amount of time with the vehicle would you be likely to appreciate them all. It’s certainly evident that a lot of love was put into this build, and hopefully the car finds a home with someone who can appreciate every bit of it.