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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

These are the Real Cars Superheroes Should Drive


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Batman BMW M2

You can’t drive the Batmobile all the time, even if you’re Batman. Sometimes you need a regular car, or at least, as regular as it gets for the superhero crowd. Take a look at these real cars given slight upgrades to make them worthy of your favorite superhero.

Let’s go with Batman first, since he has the coolest superhero wheels. Instead of the Batmobile, he could swap for a BMW M2 with a few special enhancements. It’s speedy and agile and the bat-shaped kidney grilles are brilliant. There’s also a side-mounted grappling hook and bat ninja stars in the front bumper.

Spider Man Ferrari 488 Spider

Peter Parker could definitely use a new car, so what could be better for Spider-Man than a Ferrari 488 Spider? It might not be faster than swinging from building to building, but it would still be a heck of a lot of fun. The convertible top means he can zip right out through the roof should the need arise.

Captain America gets a muscled set of American wheels in the Ford Mustang GT350R. What, you thought he’d drive an Audi? Upgrades on this one include doors with the vibranium steel alloy found in his shield so he’s even more indestructible. And, of course, there’s a red, white, and blue paint job.
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Captain America Mustang