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Thursday, March 17, 2016

This 1,000HP Corvette Z06 is Super Scary, Super Sexy


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The current generation Corvette Z06 does not need more power. It does not need more visual appeal. It is an exceptionally fun to drive (albeit scary), and attractive vehicle that is capable of embarrassing competitors with much higher costs of entry.
None of that matters to the folks at ACG Automotive in San Diego, California, though. 650 horsepower, 650 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-60 time of under 3.0 seconds isn’t good enough for them, oh no.

That’s why they went ahead and gave this Z06 a full APR carbon fiber aero package, carbon interior, Halltech intake, and an ECU map that ratchets power up to 1,000 hp.


To make the increase in power somewhat, sorta, kinda, safe-ish, the murderous looking ‘Vette also got a new pair of shoes. No official color name is given for the forged Brixton wheels, but it looks to be a smoky grey, perhaps with a hint of bronze. At 19×10-inches in the front, and a whopping 20×12-inches in the rear, the five-fork joints complete the ferocious look. They act as a nice window display for what appears to be the massive stock stoppers, sporting red calipers, that match the red Z in Z06 on the side of the car.
Details are what sets a car like this apart from others, and a little splash of color is exactly what this demonic ride needs in profile.
Improving upon an already superb package is tough to do, but there are those that live for such challenges. It would seem that the folks at ACG Automotive fall into that category, and with this intimidating and gorgeous Z06, they’ve proven that they know what they’re doing.