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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Of Course Mercedes-Maybach Will Build a Posh Three-Row SUV


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Well, that didn’t take long did it? Mercedes can’t have fat pocketed folks wandering the streets, distraught and confused because they can’t fork over their monies for a super plush, three row SUV with a Maybach badge. No, they cannot have that at all, which is why a Bentley Bentayga class vehicle is in the works over in Stuttgart.
While speaking with Benz CEO Ola Kallenius at the New York Auto Show, CarAdvice learned that Mercedes-Maybach plans to expand their lineup of top tier luxury vehicles to include an SUV. While it is not known what model will serve as the basis for the vehicle, the GLS is the likely candidate given that it is “The S-Class of the SUVs” as Kallenius said.

Given the exceptional comfort, and impressive performance offered by the range topping GLS 63 AMG, we can expect a Maybach SUV to dial both up to 11. Actually, that’s unfair to the folks at AMG, because they’ve already dialed the GLS up to 11.

 A Maybach variant wouldn’t crank up the dial any further, it would add a whole new set of speakers. If you’ve been so lucky as to sit in a boring ‘ol regular S-Class, and then sit in the Mercedes-Maybach S600, you know that the addition of the addition of the Maybach name takes things to another level entirely.
I’m not saying that a Maybach SUV will have a twin turbo V12 like the S-Class version does, but the Bentayga as 12 cylinders and two blowers under the hood, so it’s probably a safe bet that the Benz will match that. Like I said before, Mercedes hates to be outdone.