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Friday, March 18, 2016

Bodie Stroud is About to Give This ’41 Plymouth a Carl’s Jr. Makeover


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Every great brand starts with a leap of faith, and burger joint Carl’s Jr. is certainly no different. In 1941, company founder Carl Karcher started his first hot dog cart in Los Angeles, funding his endeavor with $15 in savings and by borrowing $311 against his trusty Plymouth. 
As time has told, that gamble clearly paid off, and with 2016 marking the company’s 75th anniversary, current Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder is paying homage to that original Plymouth by restoring another—this car, a ’41 Plymouth Super Deluxe.

The special job of revitalizing that classic Super Deluxe goes to Los Angeles custom car builder Bodie Stroud, and “custom” is certainly a word you could use to describe the epic results. Oh yes, it’s getting a Hemi.


According to Bodie Stroud Industries, the ’41 Plymouth now houses a late-model 5.7-liter Hemi V8, which punches out a burly 390 horsepower to a Ford nine-inch rear end. Talk about “fast food.” It’s also getting a whole host of other modern modifications, which will turn this vintage Plymouth into a young-at-heart cruiser.

The modifications include modern rack and pinion steering, air conditioning by Vintage Air, six and four-piston Wilwood brakes, a new BSI-built independent front suspension, dual pipe exhaust, among other custom touches yet to be revealed. And on the outside it all comes dressed up in a unique flame-filled paint scheme.

It will need that modern running gear too, because Carl’s Jr. is said to be putting that car to work. It will hit the road for a national tour of select Carl’s Jr. restaurants. Afterward however, it will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go towards supporting American military veterans.


Want to see the project for yourself? You can watch Stroud put together the sizzling build tonight, March 18th, at 10 pm on the upcoming “Order Up” episode of History Channel’s American Restoration.