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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Can Check Out Batman’s Batcave on Google Street View


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Batmobile Batcave

 I think we all know Bruce Wayne is Batman, even though no one is really supposed to know about his secret identity. Bruce being Bruce, he keeps all his superhero gear carefully hidden in his very secret Batcave. But now Google Street View has gone and outed him to the world.
As part of a promotional tie-in with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you can now tour the Wayne estate. They were very thorough, so when you take a look around you’ll also find images of the Batcave with the Batmobile in residence when the images were captured.

It starts out innocent enough with views of his living room at his house on the lake. Once you leave the living room, things change. Welcome to the Batcave. Everything you could ever imagine is there, including all his computers and weapons.
Seems like the Dark Knight has experienced a rather serious lapse in security. You can take a tour of the whole thing. See, this is what happens when you get distracted from the mission of catching bad guys and decide to pick a fight with the Man of Steel.