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Friday, March 18, 2016

There’s a Ford Model T Driving Around the World, and You Can Help


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Don’t think old cars are reliable? You haven’t seen this incredible 101-year-old Ford. 
Beginning in 2012, husband and wife team Dirk and Trudy Regter began criss-crossing the globe, starting from their home in the Netherlands and thus far touching some of the farthest corners of the map. The catch? They’re globetrotting in a 1915 Ford Model T.

The first leg of the journey covered 14,000 miles from the Netherlands to Cape Town, South Africa, and in 2013 the couple toured the US and Canada, covering 17,000 miles in 180 days.

2014 saw the Regters span the South American continent and a total 16,000 miles.

Their only “big” repairs along the way? A flat tire, a broken front wheel, and a failed generator. Not too bad for a car with wooden spoke wheels, especially considering the Regters drive both on and off-road.


So why does the couple do it? Attention of course, but not for themselves. The Regters started this journey to raise money and awareness for the world’s orphaned children, and along the way the couple has visited and supported numerous projects across the globe run by the aid organization SOS Children’s Villages International.

Sadly, their plans were derailed shortly after their South American journey when their Model T was hit by a truck, as the couple trailered it behind their Land Rover on a trip to Belgium. Luckily both Dirk and Trudy were safe, but the Ford Model T and its Defender companion were severely damaged.

Now however the couple are planning to get globetrotting again, and are in the process of rehabilitating their prized Model T. The plan is to drive through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and India this year. And come 2017, the couple will attempt to journey through the Himalayas on their way through China, Mongolia, and back to Europe.

Looking to be a part of their story? You can help the Regters get back on the road by visiting their website; you can also donate to the aid efforts provided by SOS Children’s Villages.

Take a look at their incredible story thus far, in the video above.