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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Singer’s Latest Porsche 911 Projects are Two Beasts From The East


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The folks at Singer Vehicle Design are showing off, and we’re perfectly ok with that. With March Madness in full swing, and the Concours season kicking off this past weekend at Amelia Island, their gut wrenchingly beautiful cars couldn’t be making the rounds at a better time.
Named for the states in which they will eventually reside, The North Carolina Car, and The Florida Car are the latest Porsche 911s to be restored, reimagined, and reborn by Singer Vehicle Design.

The former is a ‘91 coated in Dark Blood Red exterior paint that would cause Nosferatu to shed tears of joy, and the latter a ‘92 that looks like a badass easter egg on wheels thanks to what Singer calls Hemingway Blue.


Both feature carbon fiber body panels, a spotless 4.0-liter engine, 6-speed manual transmission, Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and an air of extreme exclusivity. Inside the Tar Heel mobile you’ll find 4 way touring seats with a woven black leather, and in the Sunshine State sled lie a set of more aggressive track seats with a blend of Sand Beige suede and leather.
If you missed the Amelia Island event, or just want to once again bask in the glory of these (and other vehicles), then make your way to The Palm Event this weekend in Palm Beach, Florida. If you go, make sure to bring a camera, sunscreen, and a drool rag. It’s not an overly stuffy event, but salivating all over the vehicles is generally frowned upon.