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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ewan McGregor is Selling his Volkswagen Beetle on eBay


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The Hollywood elite are most often spotted driving around in the latest and greatest luxury SUVs and supercars. But with this awesome ride, actor Ewan McGregor proves not everything in Tinseltown is brand-spanking new. 
Oh yes, this is McGregor’s very own 1960 Volkswagen Beetle, a car which he bought from a vintage VW restorer after it caught his attention online. And it’s not exactly hard to see why.

The Beetle was delivered to McGregor in Pennsylvania while he directed a film, but nowadays lives in sunny California at McGregor’s garage.

 With a new toy on the way however, it’s time to free up some space, which means the lovely Beetle will find new ownership. It’s currently listed up for sale on eBay, and it’s getting quite some attention.


Then again with stylish looks like this and A-list celebrity provenance, it would get quite a lot of attention. According to McGregor’s listing, the car spent much of its life “baking in the hot Texas sun,” which explains the wonderful patinated exterior. It has since been sealed in with layers of clear coat, meaning those aged looks are here to stay. Neat classic touches include vintage semaphores on both sides as well as “DDAC” membership stickers (“German Auto Club”).

Despite its “barn find” outward appearance, which admittedly has its dings and dents, the Beetle is said to have been given a full mechanical makeover and now sports a rebuilt 1600cc single-port engine in its rear, complemented with 12-volt electrics and new gearing. The latter ought to make freeway speeds more manageable in the vintage Bug, and the stainless steel “sports” exhaust underneath ought to make them quite memorable too.


The Ewan McGregor Beetle has been given an interior freshening as well. While the seats and door cars are all original, and reportedly in quite rare colors, the headliner, factory sunroof, carpets, and floor mats have been replaced with new units. All the chrome work has been brought up to a nice sheen too, including the original two-button Wolfsburg radio.

All in all, it’s a gorgeous Bug and it’s bound to make its future owners quite the happy campers. At the time of writing, McGregor’s Bug has claimed $19,100 worth of bidding with the reserve unmet. The auction ends on Sunday.