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Thursday, May 7, 2015

High Camp Trailer Adds Style and Function to the Classic Teardrop


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When camping, it’s good to stick to the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” mantra. That mode of thinking has produced some of the most effective, utilitarian camping systems around. But Oregon’s High Camp is proving simple doesn’t have to be without style. 

Cloaked in gorgeous aluminum and furnished inside with birch – this is High Camp’s teardrop trailer. It’s the byproduct of owner Dennis Caron’s mission to improve the livability of the classic teardrop trailer, and leaves little to be desired in terms of appearance.


According to Gizmag, Caron’s inspiration for his trailer came after a cross-country trek with his wife in the late ‘90s. Though the couple didn’t make that trip in a teardrop, he mentioned it would have been the perfect setup for the journey. He decided to fix the design’s faults with his own creation, and lo and behold, he’s made it a full-fledged enterprise of it.

Outside, the teardrop combines the nostalgic shape of the tested teardrop trailer with an almost Airstream-esque simplicity. One line flows elegantly in accordance with the next and the details mirror the fit-and-finish of the stylized stainless-steel Coleman cooler – a camping mainstay. Conveniently, there’s one of those too.


Out back, the cooking galley features an efficient slide-out three-burner gas range, aforementioned cooler, and well-placed storage cubbies. Inside, the sleeping bay features a large Queen size mattress, significant additional storage in the headboard, and convenience features like a multi-speed ventilation fan, as well as extras like a purpose-built iPad mount, compact solar panel array, and water heater.

Pricing for the teardrop starts at $14,900 and when you consider it weighs only 1,250 pounds, it’s relieving to know you won’t need a seven-seat SUV to tow it. Most small utilities and crossovers should have no problem mustering that weight.