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Saturday, May 2, 2015

McLaren Plans to Stay an Independent Automaker


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Automakers are constantly realigning and joining up with each other to better leverage their resources. But McLaren said it plans on keeping things the way they are— completely independent.
The news came through an interview AutoNews Europe conducted with Jolyon Nash, executive director of sales and marketing. He told the outlet that McLaren is in charge of its own fate. The company believes this will help it produce better cars than any kind of partnership.


Joining forces with another automaker might provide more resources, but it would also restrict McLaren’s ability to develop products at a fast pace. It could also make it more difficult for the company to take advantage of new technologies and keep up with legislative requirements.

Nash believes that McLaren is currently operating efficiently and quickly, which gives them better advantages than those that might be provided by a partnership. He also restated the company’s goal of hitting annual sales of 4,000 units by 2017. This would be a huge jump considering only 1,648 were sold last year, but McLaren thinks they can do it best by keeping their company structure unchanged.