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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Company Created the World’s First 3D-Printed Shelby Cobra


3d printer Shelby Cobra photo

A few months ago, Local Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory made waves in the car industry when they 3D-printed an entire car in just 44 hours. It was the first-ever experiment of its kind, and it was a massive success.
The experiment was designed to show just how far 3D-printing technology has come in just the last few years, and the possibility for a consumer to walk into a dealership, design a car, and then leave with it just a few days after that.

rearview Shelby Cobra 3d printing job photo

However, while Project Strati was strictly a design experiment, Oak Ridge National Laboratory wanted to take it a step further and build something that would appeal not only to the die-hard enthusiasts, but also to hot rodders and the larger car world alike. That’s why they printed a Shelby Cobra, or at least something that looks like a Cobra.

Using carbon fiber reinforced plastics, Oak Ridge slowly 3D-printed a fairly accurate replica Cobra. However, open up the hood and you’ll immediately know that this is something different. Rather than a big block V8, Oak Ridge stuck a fully electric drivetrain into the Cobra replica to complete the futuristic feel of the car.

You can check out the full “Making of” video below. It’s a pretty cool process to see a car come about practically from thin air.