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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ICON Brings New Life to The ’64 Dodge Power Wagon



Restomodding a classic truck is no walk in the park. A majority of old pickups have been worked hard and put away battered and bruised for their entire life. And therein lies what makes this ICON 4×4 creation all the more impressive. 
When this 1964 Dodge Power Wagon arrived at ICON’s Los Angeles shop, it was not a showstopper. Today, it very much is. It sports a body that will turn heads like a screwdriver, and boasts the four-wheel drive, backbone, and beating heart of a modern pickup to back it up. It must be love.


Passionate gazes aside, ICON’s latest Power Wagon build takes the greatest aspect of the ’64 Dodge – its unforgettable shape – and grafts it atop the running gear of a 2007 Dodge MegaCab 4×4. The process forgoes revitalizing the D-series’ ancient suspension, engine and chassis in favor of modern and readily serviceable running gear, but – as per usual at ICON – it’s not without its enhancements.

The rebooted Power Wagon bolts a Magnuson supercharger on the Ram’s 5.7-liter V8, putting power to all four wheels and riding atop a bespoke Kore-Fox racing suspension, 17-inch Hutchinson beadlock wheels, and 37-inch BFG A/T rubber. Air flows through a ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust system, and it sounds about as mean as it looks. Which is to say, very.


If it’s the exterior that draws you in, it’s this Power Wagon’s interior that begs you to stay. ICON has dressed the floor in sumptuous wool, placed an iPad Mini seamlessly in the dash to operate as media and navigation center, and brought together the truck’s interior styling with a neat repeating pattern.

The pickup’s inner door texture is repeated in the gauge cluster, as well as quilted into the seats, headliner, and arm rests. The steering wheel? That comes from a bus, and it’s massive, but necessary if you’re the type who likes to read gauges.
All-in-all it’s quite the stunning build, and one we can imagine the owner is surely very proud of.