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Friday, June 5, 2015

Rumored New Porsche 911 GT Could Go Back to the Basics


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future porsche-911 gt photo

The Porsche product line is just about as expansive as any carmaker’s portfolio can get, and if the latest news from the UK’s Autocar rings true – it could be tacking on yet another 911 model. Per the report, a new 911 is rumored to join the hallowed GT model ranks but with less of a focus on speed and track times. 
Instead, the publication believes this new sibling to the current GT3 and GT3 RS models will hone in on providing “simple driving pleasure” over catering singly to daily utility or track-centricity.

 The magazine further cites an internal remark from Porsche that suggests designing a car to be “as fast as possible” and “as enjoyable to drive as possible” are now two significantly distant objectives that can’t be adequately united under one car.

future porsche-911 gt car image

The new GT model would instead bridge the gap between the cars. To the delight of gear-throwers, it’s rumored to bring a manual gearbox back to the tip-top range. However, Autocar suggest that it will strip away the usual aerodynamic aids and fat grippy tires common on the top-spec cars, in favor of a narrower body and skinnier rubber,. That should help provide a more attainable at-the-limit experience. Perhaps, an evolution on the 2015 Carrera GTS hardtop (pictured).
No names have been proposed for the rumored Porsche, though its engine is already pegged to be the free-breathing 3.8-liter from the current 911 GT3 (475 horsepower), which is interesting given the lower level 911s will all become turbocharged next year. Want one? Don’t hold your breath as nothing has been confirmed as of yet, though it does make for quite the interesting recipe.