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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Would You Pay Almost $60,000 For A More Colorful Audi S3?


Audi S3 Exclusive

If you’re like me, the resounding answer to that question should be, ‘um, no.’ But if you’re Audi, an extra $18,000 for a special paint job and a fancier interior is just another drop in the bucket.
According to enthusiast site Fourtitude, Audi is offering a special Exclusive line of its likable S3 sports sedan. Along with a host of fun colors like Viper Green, Vegas Yellow, Glut Orange, Misano Red, and Sepang Blue, the S3 features a more plush interior that features contrast stitching and full leather.

Audi S3 Exclusive 2

It definitely sounds nice, but you’ll be paying $59,900 for an orange, green or yellow S3, while red and blue will only set you back $57,250. That’s $18,800 and $16,000 more than the $41,000 base price.
With the S3 being a little duller than we all would have hoped, it’s definitely a bold idea. One thing’s for sure— you won’t lose it in a crowded parking garage.