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Monday, March 7, 2016

7 Classic Cars That Deserve a Hellcat Engine Swap


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plymouth-hellcat copy

Hellcat. It’s probably the single most important word in the auto industry at the moment. And why not? It’s not everyday that a company decides to give the world a relatively affordable 707-horsepower coupe or super sedan. Thankfully, some insane engineers at Chrysler decided to do just that.
But we can’t help feel that—even with its 707 horsepower—the Hellcat engine deserves a more noble home in some classic, Chrysler family vehicles. These seven, for instance, would be a perfect fit for the monstrous engine. Resto-modders, take note.

AMC Gremlin


Alright, get all the giggles out. The AMC Gremlin may seem like a silly choice, but if you were able to get a modern Hellcat engine to fit under the hood (or trunk even) of a classic Gremlin, you might have a serious sleeper on your hands down at the local drag strip. Think about it.
AMC Javelin


The Javelin might be one of the most underrated muscle cars of memory. A track terror with devilish good looks and some underdog personality to match. With a Hellcat under the hood, it would make this classic muscle car even that much more desirable.

Chrysler Special Coupe by Ghia


In this writer’s opinion: one of the most beautiful American cars ever built. Bar none. Yes, it may be a one-off, and it may be extremely rare, but why shouldn’t it be given a proper 707 horsepower engine to compliment its dashing elegance?

Dodge Challenger/Charger


Charger, Challenger—doesn’t matter which way you slice it, these two are some of the most recognizable classic cars ever built. Even with the two modern Hellcat variants tearing up streets, a classic Charger or Challenger with a Hellcat engine under the hood would be an amazing thing to see (if you haven’t already)

Plymouth ‘Cuda

List Plymouth 'Cuda

Sure, the Hemi ‘Cuda is a legend among legends when it comes to classic cars. But what if said Hemi was replaced with a 707-horsepower Hellcat? Well, it would be more powerful, for one. But it would add even more to the muscular personality of the already classic muscle car.

Plymouth Road Runner Superbird


Bird is the word when it comes to classic American muscle. Completely restored, these cars regularly fetch seven figures at auction. But would it be crazy to swap a Hellcat under the hood? Maybe. But it would make for one hell of a resto-mod.

Lamborghini Diablo


From 1987-1993, Chrysler owned Lamborghini. That meant that the Diablo—even though being built in Italy—shared a number of parts with its Chrysler siblings. Imagine if the Hellcat engine was one of those parts. A 707 horsepower Diablo doesn’t sound all that crazy if you ask me.

Which of these would you rather see with a Hellcat under the hood?

Photo Credit: RM Auctions