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Wednesday, March 2, 2016



ON : 3.2.16

Headline of the day :  Republican Convention : U.S. Senator Ted Cruz ( R-TX ) will be nominated  as the Party's Candidate in 2016. 

Could this really happen ? Yes, but several different scenarios would have to take place.

First The GOP Elite would have to want Ted Cruz as President. Now Ted has a problem, he bucks the system a lot. If a bill comes up and there is ever so much as a Liberal slant to it, he won't vote for it.

This my friends is a good thing. Unfortunately from time to time this ruffles the feathers of a very weak GOP congress, And that's a good thing for you and me, but not so much for Ted.

With all that said, we have a three way race for the GOP'S nomination of the parties choice for the candidate who hopefully will be the future President. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio. It's no secret that GOP machine despises Donald Trump & they want him dethroned before the Convention.

Could this happen ? Absolutely, but it would have to take the seven Republicans that have delegates, to give them to Ted Cruz. Here's how the delegate count stands today............3.2.16. : D.Trump = 316, T. Cruz = 226, M. Rubio = 106, J. Kasich = 25, Dr. B. Carson = 8, J. Bush = 1, C. Fiorina = 1,
M.Huckabee = 1, & R. Paul = 1.

Now the math shows that from Sen. Rubio to Sen. Dr. R Paul there are 146 delegates at stake. Add that to Sen. Cruzes 226 Delegates and you would have 372 delegates for Sen. Cruz, as opposed to Trump's 316 Delegates.

If Sen. Rubio to Sen. Dr. Rand Paul would hand over their Delegates to Sen. Cruz and unite the GOP, Trump's days would be numbered.

Now I know Sen. Rubio & John Kasich have their primary's on 3.15.16, and would probably no want to give up their delegates. But we have to look at the bigger picture here. The GOP party must unite itself to make sure Donald Trump doesn't get the nomination.