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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Watch a Dubai Police McLaren Race a Drone Because Why Not


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Dubai Drone Race
Drones are everywhere, and are starting to become so popular that drone racing is actually a serious sport with real money on the line. The upcoming World Drone Prix in Dubai will be handing out $1 million in prizes. They even made a slick promotional video featuring a McLaren police cruiser.

You really have your pick if you’re looking for an exotic and you’re Dubai law enforcement. Their fleet includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes as well as the McLaren that stars in this video alongside an expertly piloted drone.

Dubai Drone Racing

The drone and the McLaren whip through the streets of Dubai with each maneuvering through brightly colored gates that light up the night. It’s impressive to watch the drone and the McLaren in action. The event itself will feature only drones, but it would attract a lot more attention if they competed against police cars.

The World Drone Prix will feature over 100 teams with fliers piloting drones at speeds up to 62 mph. Qualifying runs March 7 through March 8. The top 32 competitiors will advance to the finals taking place on March 11 and 12. Now’s the time to book that ticket to Dubai if you want to catch the action.