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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apparently Volkswagen Vans Make Great Trailers Too


dinky dub volkswagen trailer photo

Cool factor and price tend to have a wildly inverse relationship. For example, a mattress in the bed of your pickup is cheap, but in terms of RV-ing, it’s not what you’d call cool. Thankfully, Oregon firm Dub Box realizes this, and they’ve come up with an answer. 
Meet the Dinky Dub – a mix of retro Volkswagen styling, vintage American trailer culture, plus a dash of modern convenience and comfort. And it starts at only $8,000. Don’t worry – no actual Volkswagen vans were harmed in the creation of this classic towable.

dinky dub volkswagen trailer rear photo

Rather, the Dinky Dub is formed from all-new fiberglass shells, which allow the trailer to be lightweight and towable by a variety of vehicles. That’s a handy detail too, because a vast array of people will find equally different uses for theirs. The Dinky Dub comes with a long list of customizable variants, from the cargo ferrying ‘Fun Hauler’ to the weekend getaway ‘Camper,’ and even a six-tap toting ‘Half Pint Kegerator’ version.

There may be cheaper ways to get away for a weekend or start a food truck business, but perhaps none as eye-catching as this. Opt for the Camper – approximately 25 percent smaller than Dub Box’s full-size trailer – and you’ll be privy to a custom exterior, sink, stove, refrigerator, dining area, bed/couch, and fresh water storage. Go full commercial grade and you can spec-in a service window, 25 gallons of water storage, and three-part sink. The firm has already churned out a number of food truck versions, each desperately good looking.

dinky dub volkswagen trailer image

In their heyday, Volkswagen vans used to dot the nation’s highways and campgrounds from coast to coast; in fact a number of survivors still do. Seeing as prices on clean and original vans can be exceedingly high, the average enthusiast might be best suited with one of these modern pull-alongs.