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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Would You Rather a Honda Civic Type R Convertible or Wagon?


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Civic Type R Concepts photo

Honda’s new Civic Type R looks wonderful. And with 310-horsepower— it’s fast, too. But while we’re going to have to a wait a few more years to get one in the U.S., you can buy one right now in Europe. Except you won’t see these two versions when you walk in a Honda showroom anytime or anywhere soon…
Both were created and uploaded to the enthusiast site And both leave a little something to be desired in the Honda lineup.

Honda Type R Convertible concept photo

The first is a convertible— and to be honest, it’s weird. Likably weird. It keeps the massive rear wing and most of the sharp lines that make it great. Except, you know, there’s no roof.
The second is the more plausible of the two— a wagon. Where Honda’s Type R nearly bridges the gap between five-door hatch and wagon, this concept definitively befits the latter. Gone is the wing in place of a more sophisticated back end.

Civic Type R Wagon concept photo

So that begs the question— which of these two would look better in your driveway?