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Monday, May 4, 2015

Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini Miura Will Set You Back $1.9 Million



The Lamborghini Miura is an exceedingly rare car. Production spanned just eight years and under 800 cars were built, which makes these rolling pieces of artwork fairly unobtainable for the average joe. But Rod Stewart can do you one better. He’s owned two Miuras, and one of them has just come up for sale. 
The Miura, remembered as perhaps the first modern supercar, is listed on eBay Motors in the UK by the Amari Super Cars dealership, and expectedly it’ll cost you a pretty penny – a whopping £1.25 million (around $1.92 million at today’s rates). Then again, if you’ve listened to nothing but ‘Young Turks’ since 1981, your car is waiting.

It’s safe to say Rod Stewart had a good eye for picking out classics. His 1971 Miura started out life as a P400S model. With the added ’S’ came came an extra 20 horsepower from its transverse 3.9-liter V12 (for a total of 370hp) and the added performance of a stiffened chassis. Stewart’s is rarer still in that it’s one of only a small handful delivered in the UK-spec right-hand drive.

As things go, Rod Stewart eventually passed his Lamborghini along to a new owner, and it exchange hands all the way through the 1990s. Its most immediate owner evidently thought the Miura needed a bit more than Stewart’s provenance, so he had it tastefully restored to Lamborghini’s hot-hot ‘SV’ configuration, meaning 385 horsepower, a limited slip differential, revised suspension, and five more inches of rear track. A supercar this most certainly was.


Interestingly, Stewart’s Lamborghini sold at the RM Auctions Paris sale in 2014 for €520,800 ($584,000), making its current price tag of $1.92 million look pretty steep.

Photo Credit: RM Auctions
Via: Supercompressor