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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5 Things You Should Know About the 2017 Volkswagen Phideon


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With the 2016 Geneva Motor Show now underway, Volkswagen has whisked the covers off one very svelte new four-door sedan. Meet the 2017 Volkswagen Phideon (no, not Phaeton). It’s been designed to slot well above the crisp Passat in Volkswagen’s product structure, but if you like it, there’s just one small detail… 

You Can’t Have One

 *At least, not unless you live in China.

The stately Phideon was designed by VW in Germany with input from its Chinese partner SAIC Volkswagen, and as such it’s been aligned closely with what Chinese premium sedan buyers are looking for. For instance, it measures a sizable 16.4 feet long and offers a roomy 9.8 foot wheelbase. As a result, Volkswagen says it will serve only the Chinese market (at least for now), and it’s slated to go into production in-country.


Future Volkswagens Will Have This Face

 Like that mug? The Phideon’s fascia is said to be the new face of Volkswagen’s future high-end cars, and it’s a good look. To pull it off, Volkswagen simply updated the styling of its striking C Coupe GTE concept, which debuted last year in Shanghai.

Overall, the Volkswagen Phideon boasts a sleek shape with short overhangs, purposeful LED eyes, a long limo-like midsection and rear door, yet powerful shoulder lines. It’s a strong looker. And the name? “Phideon” is said to hint to Fides, the roman goddess of fidelity.

A Car for Chauffeurs and Executives Alike

 Volkswagen points out that the Phideon has been designed for both drivers and passengers, pulling together ample legroom in the rear for those who care to be driven, and enough gear up front to keep drivers happy.

At its debut, the 2017 Volkswagen Phideon will sport a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 with 300 horsepower and 347 lb.-ft. of torque, driving a 4Motion all-wheel drive setup as standard. Eventually a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with front-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid variant will land too.


First “MLB” Volkswagen

 The Phideon breaks the mold for the Volkswagen brand in that it has become the first VW-brand car to adopt the corporation’s MLB (Modular Longitudinal Matrix) platform, joining the likes of the Audi Q7 and
Bentley Bentayga.

In addition to its longitudinal engine layout, the platform has also offered up a host of technological goodies including camera-based night vision, a new head-up windshield display, plus all the driver assist goodies we’ve come to expect on premium vehicles—adaptive cruise control, lane-change assist, and park assist, to name a few.

When Can You Not Buy One?

 The 2017 Volkswagen Phideon goes on sale in China during the third quarter of 2016.