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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 10 Best Cars of Reddit Autos: March 5th


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If you consider yourself a bit of a car nut, you ought to take a peek at the pages of Reddit Autos, or /r/autos, if you’re hip-with-it. 
You can bone up on the latest car news, get into a colorful discussion about why your dream car is best (let’s be honest, it just is), but best of all, you can share photos of your automotive pride and joy.

This week is no different, and below you’ll find a look back at some of the 10 best cars and car photography from the /r/autos page this week. Enjoy.


Posted by otakutaikun

 The guys over at Roadkill certainly love an odd-mod or two, which explains why this 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat looks the way it does. It’s known as “General Maintenance” and it’s the clever counterpart to Roadkill’s other infamous Hellcat beast—the ’68 “General Mayhem” Charger. By the way, that van has a 630-horsepower LS7 V8 in it…

A Family of Type 2 Volkswagens


Posted by vwhaulic

 Many Volkswagen fans would love to get their hands on a vintage VW Type 2. And well, this lucky Orange County VeeDub fan has four very sought-after Type 2s right in their driveway. Bliss.

Misha Design Ferrari 458


Posted by kdbfisherman

 A regular 562-horsepower Ferrari 458 not wild enough for you? Misha Design builds a Ferrari 458 body kit that can make even a Ferrari LaFerrari look plebeian. This is not a car, it’s a spaceship.

One Seriously Mean Lexus GS


Posted by twoloosescrews

 The Lexus GS series has long been classy, in a low-key kind of way. There’s nothing very low-key about this GS however… it houses a now-turbocharged Toyota 2JZ straight-six, which makes a claimed 520 horsepower at the wheels. Oh my.

Spotted — Dodge Viper Anodized Carbon Time Attack


Posted by cyanight7

 Unicorns generally don’t come in silver (we’d guess pink, white, or rainbow colored), but this Dodge Viper TA might as well be one—it’s properly rare. Known as the 
Anodized Carbon Special Edition, only 10 of these Vipers were built with the optional Time Attack gear, and they’re quite the lookers.

A Little Sibling Rivalry


Posted by mryangtastic

 Two brothers brought together their Japanese performance machines—a JDM Honda Civic Type-R and a Mazda MX-5. A wonderful picture ensues. Lovely.

The “$250,000 in Options” Pagani Huayra


Posted by Texas_Raptor
 The Ford F-250 pictured here with the big lift kit may have been the topic of the feed, but it’s the Pagani Huayra that’s truly the one-of-a-kind ride. In fact, this appears to be the unique Huayra that’s going up for auction next weekend whose optional extras alone cost $250,000. Let that sink in.

“Freaky Fast” Mazda RX-7


Posted by ironiccapslock

 This first-generation Mazda RX-7 started life with a rev-tastic Wankel engine, and now it’s packing a big, raucous V8. Hey Jimmy John’s… how about deploying a fleet of these?

Cruising in an R34 Nissan GT-R


Posted by kdbfisherman

 Well that’s something you don’t see everyday, an R34 generation Nissan GT-R stateside. These ’99 to 2002 GT-Rs were famously not allowed on US shores, however it’s possible this rare bird was part of the famed MotoRex import bunch. It’s quite the beautiful sight.

Lava Orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS


Posted by cyanight7

 It’s possible to go faster in a Porsche 911… but not by much more than this. The 911 GT3 RS packs a wailing 4.0-liter flat-six, capable of naught to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, as well as a thorough diet of less-is-more engineering, and enough aerodynamic trickery to keep it planted to the pavement at 193 mph. Um, wow.

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