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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sorry, Ferrari Won’t Build An All-Electric Supercar


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Ferrari F80 Concept

An all-electric Ferrari might sound like a brilliant idea to some, but don’t hold your breath. At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne said it’s not something that’s part of the plan. He doesn’t see an all-electric vehicle meshing with the brand’s image.
Marchionne didn’t mince words either. According to Autoblog, he said flat out, “With Ferrari, it’s almost an obscene concept,” and finished up with, “You’d have to shoot me first.” Doesn’t exactly leave much room for interpretation.

Ferrari F80 Concept 2
Part of the reason being that Ferrari is all about cars with engines so beautiful, they’re often displayed under glass. Building an electric motor goes against that history and Marchionne takes issue with the idea. There are, however, advantages to electric cars that have everything to do with performance.

They might be good for the environment, of course, but they also do things a traditional combustion engine can’t, like deliver huge amounts of torque as soon as the gas pedal is touched. They’re not all tiny little, tree-huggers anymore. Ferrari could do amazing things with an all-electric car, but unless Marchionne eats his words, we’ll never see one.