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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Is McLaren Building an Electric Hypercar?


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McLaren has big plans for the future. Those plans likely include an all new electric hypercar to replace the P1. It’s part of the company’s Track22 six-year business plan, and would be one of several new proposed vehicles to come out of McLaren in just the next few years.
The full line-up would include lower priced Sports Series cars like the 570S, mid-range Super Series cars like the 650S, and at least one Ultimate Series car. This is where the electric hypercar would fit.


This will be a successor to the P1 plug-in hybrid and they have plans to make it just as exciting. The company knows that much of the fun of driving its cars comes from the noise and the physical sensations produced by the powertrain. Execs want their electric hypercar to be equally engaging. They just have to figure out how.
A concept car is already in the works with a debut expected sometime in three or four years, maybe. This assumes they find a way for an electric to provide a true McLaren experience. If not, we might instead see a new and improved hybrid join the McLaren lineup. Only time will tell.