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Saturday, March 5, 2016

This 1940 Packard Will Be Getting a Second Life For SEMA


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Amongst a sea of tuners, what in the world can one do to stand out at SEMA? If you were to ask a few guys out in California, it’d be to take an old “Gangster” Packard, and fit it with some parts that…well, you’ll find out soon enough.
The crew at WIKD Kustoms in Huntington Beach will be putting together a very special vehicle for SEMA. While we can’t tell you too much about exactly what all is going into it, you should know that it’s definitely going to be a wicked thing to see when SEMA 2016 rolls around. But it might be the story behind this old Packard that makes it that much cooler.


The car was built in Detroit, and slated for delivery to Chicago where a few “unsavory men” would take order of it. It was alleged to be a henchmen vehicle, and survived only a few years on the road before having an “accident.” It ended up at the bottom of Lake Michigan, upside down, for 40 years. After being discovered, it traveled to Los Angeles, and eventually found a new home at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California. Only recently to be discovered by Ken Vela of WIKD Kustoms.
Together Ken Vela and Fireball Tim Lawrence will be bringing this historic vehicle back to life, and we’ll be helping with the launch of this done up Packard for SEMA. Stay tuned in months to come as we cover the project from start to finish.

Photo Credit: 2016FireballTim