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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lamborghini Celebrates A Century With 760HP Hypercar


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At Lamborghini HQ, it’s a time for celebration. Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini would have been 100 years old this year. In order to mark such a special anniversary, designers and engineers set out to create a car so momentous to the event, that they hope it would be remembered for centuries to come. Instead, this is what they came up with.
It’s dubbed the Lamborghini Centenario, and it looks like less of a celebration than we expected. Granted, it’s still extreme in every sense of the word. Based on the Aventador, the Centenario puts down 770PS (760 horsepower by U.S. standards) from a naturally-aspirated V12. 0-62 mph is handled in just 2.8 seconds, continuing on to a top speed of 217 mph.


When we remember special edition cars like the Sesto Elemento and Veneno, the design of the Centenario seems a bit toned down for Lamborghini. The enhancements are subtle, including a questionably revised front end, and a more sculpted profile. Yellow accents on the wheels and side skirts highlight the bare carbon fiber, while the backside gets a futuristic look similar to the Veneno.
While it may not be the most aggressive looking thing Lamborghini has ever built, it’s definitely one of the most advanced. Every inch of the body was sculpted in carbon fiber, all the body panels emanating from a single carbon fiber monocoque tub. The cherry on top being a rear wing that extends at high speeds to provide even more downforce.


Even if you wanted to, the likelihood of actually seeing one on the road is going to be slim. Lamborghini says only 40 examples will be built—20 coupes and 20 convertibles. Each at a cost of $1.9 million. In the mean time, you can check it out on the stand at the Geneva Motor Show.