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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Herbie Stunt Car is Going up for Auction


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Herbie Stunt Car

Herbie is one of the most beloved movie cars around, stealing the hearts of fans when he debuted in 1968′s The Love Bug. The little Volkswagen Beetle with loads of attitude returned for three more films, finishing with Herbie Goes Bananas in 1980. This film featued a fifth-wheel version of Herbie and that is the one that is going up for auction.

That extra wheel is mounted in a center-forward position and let Herbie spin on its own axis. A chain and linkage system kept the two front wheels moving to give the illusion that they were still on the ground doing the work. Controls were hidden in the floor in front of the backseat so the stunt driver could hide and make it look like Herbie was in charge.

Herbie Stunt Car Steering Wheel

According to Silodrome, the car was partially disassembled, but Mid America Motorworks fabricated a new secondary control system so the car is now driveable from the front or backseat and spins on its axis like it did on screen. The paint and interior are also restored to the way it looked in Herbie Goes Bananas.

It is also signed by Joaquin Garay III who played Paco, the character that created the car’s flower and taxi decorations. His signature is on the glove compartment and was kept during the restoration process. Place your bid on January 23 when Herbie goes up for auction through Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale with no reserve.

Herbier Stunt Car Engine